Explore the seas off Capri with Captain Daniele

Music, laughter, and good times for an unforgettable day

Captain Daniele - a native islander who was a long-time US resident and is Spanish at heart - will welcome you aboard with a smile, ready to share his passion for the sea with his Beatles-inspired tours. His mix of warm welcome and professional experience "won't let you down"!

Tour FAQs

Here are the answers to all your questions about Let it Be

Is the boat private?

Yes, all our boat tours and charters are private so you'll have the boat to yourself (except, of course, for Captain Daniele)!

Is there a restroom on board?

Yes, the Let It Be Capri gozzo boat has a small WC and changing area below deck. Passengers can also store their personal items below deck to keep them from getting wet or lost overboard.

What is included on board?

Towels, cushions for sunbathing, bottled water, and soft drinks. I can also arrange for a picnic on board with a panino caprese (tomato and mozzarella) or other local specialties.

Can we bring our own food and drinks on board?

Of course! You'll find soft drinks already provided but can bring any other food and drink you prefer on board.

Can we bring our dog?

Yes, we are happy to welcome pets on board.

What can I do with my bags during the tuor?

You can bring luggage on board, where we can stow it below deck. If you have a number of bags, we can also leave them at the meeting point and pick them up after the tour.

Can we visit the Blue Grotto?

Our gozzo boat can stop at the entrance to the Blue Grotto where the rowboats come to pick you up and take you inside the cave. You'll be inside for about 5 minutes and you can purchase tickets directly at the grotto. Keep in mind that there are often long lines to enter, so we won't always be able to stop and wait for an hour or two to enter. If you want to visit the grotto, book a tour lasting at least 3 hours or the "Here Comes the Sun" option.